Theory of Change: What is Wrong in the World, what is our unique offering and purpose, what is the result of our work?

We do x, y and z to foster healthy ecosystems, vibrant communities and regenerative culture.

If you are this, that or the other thing, get in touch for a site visit or initial project assessment consultation.


Design For (Re)Generations

Envisioning the Future:
We offer professional Permaculture consulting services across North America and globally, fostering regenerative diversity and fair trade practices.

Permaculture Consulting

Michael and his team offer a specialized and personalized professional permaculture consulting service that will help you maximize the economic and ecological potential of your land. Our designs aim to continuously enhance your property’s health, productivity and biodiversity.

Michael Nickels

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Heidi Cowan

Architectural Drafting + Eco Home Design

Our homes aren’t just buildings: they’re homescapes. Discover what regenerative thinking can do for your next building project.

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Seven Ravens
Permaculture Farm + Forest

Farm Shop +
Woodcraft Gallery

Visit Seven Ravens

Find Us on Salt Spring Island

1641 Fulford Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island BC

Our farm is 10 minutes north of Fulford, 15 minutes south of Ganges and about 20 minutes from both Vesuvius and Long Harbour by car; a bicycle trip will take you 2-3 hours as you stop and take in the incredible views, lakes and roadside attractions of Salt Spring Island.